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About us

KM Telecom is a market-leader installation specialist, with exceptional “big picture” planning and delivery capabilities, reflected in a solid 20-year track record of successfully delivering as promised – on spec, on schedule and on budget.

Our project management capabilities stand out from the crowd, and we’re constantly improving them via data-driven feedback and analysis. We’re also one of the few wireless telecom suppliers that can provide complete turnkey solutions.

Effective, reliable networks rely on making sure of fail-safe network resilience by identifying and circumventing “weakest links”. That’s why KM Telecomdoesn’t think in terms of “bits of equipment”, individual boxes of electronics and simple spec lists. We reckon it’s better to think in terms of whole systems and entire networks, and whether they’re able to provide the capabilities and services they were designed to deliver, and that our customers have probably promised.

Our experience and professional confidence mean we’ll push back where needed, and help where we can (even if it’s not in the project specs).

Most of the big telecom companies operating in Scandinavia and northern Europe already know us well, and appreciate the way we work – our reputation does most of our sales and marketing work.