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Sensor data infrastructure

Data drives better decisions and builds new business opportunities – knowledge is power.

We provide new benchmarks for the usefulness of industrial sensors and how they contribute to business efficiency.

It’s much easier to plan, deploy resources and manage operations when you know exactly what’s going on in and around them, and wherever your company has to do business.

We help you make clear, easy sense of what the sensor world is telling you. So you can react promptly to changing circumstances, roll back risk, make better business decisions, streamline workflows and optimise asset performance.

Where you benefit

An Oak System framework provides you with one single, easy-to-use platform for the sensor data you use and need in:


  • Energy monitoring and management
  • Building management
  • Facility management
  • Waste management
  • Monitoring IoT effectiveness
  • Quality monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Implementing green transition measures
  • ESG reporting and “green accounting”

Hospitality sector

Information from sensors provides you with accurate monitoring and registration of use, consumption, occupancy rates, footfall traffic and conditions in hotels, restaurants, canteens and other and hospitality facilities. You can then use this information to optimise other operations and services.

This helps you make sure inspection, cleaning, replenishment, etc. only get done if really needed. This rolls back your operating costs by preventing expensive mismatches between manning, duty rosters and current needs.

Healthcare operations

Healthcare is a manpowerintensive sector that uses lots of specialist equipment as well as vast amounts of disposables. Sensors are important to keep track of all these, as well as to monitor parameters like movement, position, conditions and activity. Various kinds of sensors are often also used to monitor many sensitive fluids and gases, as well as providing reliable data for costing and billing.

The more accurate and reliable information you have, the better decisions you can make about staffing, logistics, cleaning and maintenance – with potential cost savings all round.

HVAC and air quality management

Companies can use sensors to measure temperature/humidity/CO2 levels/methane to monitor and manage air quality and ensure attractive, H&S-compliant conditions for customers, employees, etc.

Adjusting how air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems operate to match actual conditions, occupancy and traffic in and around any type of facility gives you big savings on operating costs, and solid documentation makes your ESG reporting easier, faster and cheaper.

Facility management and cleaning

Profitable facility management means you only want to carry out tidying, cleaning and replenishment operations if and when they are actually needed. This can be registered by using the right kinds of sensors.

Preventing expensive mismatches between deployed manpower and actual on-site needs gives you dramatic savings on staffing as well as other operating costs.

Office / conference administration

In smart-office setups, meeting facilities and conference venues, sensors are ideal for determining which desks, gathering areas and rooms are occupied or available at any given time.

This makes it easy to automatically adjust appropriate booking, service and cleaning management systems, as well as helping you boost revenue and ROI.

Manufacturing and processing operations

Sensors of many different types are used throughout industry to measure and monitor exactly what’s happening inside key equipment as well as the results of key processes. Sensors are often also an integral part of quality management and safety procedures. But sometimes it’s difficult to deal with all the information, especially if it’s locked inside incompatible, proprietary systems.

Oak System enables you to integrate and display sensor data from any source, so you have the best understanding of conditions and results throughout key technical operations – and with full documentation.

Construction and civil engineering operations

Building and infrastructure operations of all kinds are facing accelerating demands for digital monitoring and documentation as well as solid, reliable ESG reporting. Reliable, well-managed sensor data about a wide range of operating conditions can even be a prerequisite when tendering for major contracts, and when working with high-profile, ESG-focused partners.

Oak System management frameworks for sensor data can pave the way for your company being included in larger, more ambitious projects where the bar is higher, and where the technical and reporting requirements are more complex and demanding.

Knowledge is power

An effective architecture enables you to make clear, easy sense of what the sensor world is telling you.

We help you structure sensor data flows in ways best suited to help you make better business decisions.

We make IoT connectivity work.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Manage and monitor all your sensor data inputs from one easy-to-use dashboard Knowledge is power – it’s much easier to plan, deploy resources and manage operations when you know exactly what’s going on.

We provide a secure, scalable framework for managing, integrating and displaying the sensor data that tells you what’s happening in your organisation, your buildings and your operations.

Our sensor data management frameworks release you from the prison of proprietary protocols and legacy hardware. You can install and connect virtually any kind of sensor for virtually any purpose, regardless of hardware or supplier, and using industry-standard protocols, open software architecture and easy-to-use APIs.

The only real limitation lies in your own ideas about what you want to achieve.

Who does what

Our experts work with you to analyse your exact needs for sensor data, and the formats that make it possible to integrate this data with other information inputs.

We help you decide on the Oak System display solution you want to meet your needs – now and in the future.

We contract with expert technicians from KM Telecom to install the sensors and mobile data access points you need for an Oak System setup on your premises. If you prefer, we can also use your own installers, under KM Telecom supervision.

About the system

Oak System

Oak System makes sensor data make sense, so you can do better business – and with full documentation

The Oak System idea

People need to know exactly what’s going on if they are to make good decisions, improve profit margins and efficiency ratings, and keep our world running more-or-less smoothly.

Oak System payoffs

When you know more about what’s going on in your operations at any given time, you can make faster, better-informed decisions about how and where to apply your manpower and resources in more effective ways.

How Oak System works

Oak System brings virtually all kinds of sensor data together in one place. Oak System uses industry-standard protocols, open software architecture and easy-to-use APIs.

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