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How Oak System works

Oak System brings virtually all kinds of sensor data together in one place.

Oak System uses industry-standard protocols, open software architecture and easy-to-use APIs. This means you can link up sensors that register, measure and monitor just about any kind of activity.

The Oak System architecture is designed for maximum compatibility and flexibility. You can source accurate, up-to-date data from virtually any type and number of sensors, focusing on as many different data types and parameters as you want.

You can gather the sensor data you want to see via wireless or fixed connections, as well as from external APIs. This valuable data can be integrated and presented in any display format you prefer, sent automatically by email, or delivered to other systems via API.

Oak System is device-independent, hardwareagnostic and supplier-agnostic, as well as completely scalable.

Oak System does not require any changes to your existing infrastructure, installations or IT systems, and does not affect or interfere with how any of them work.