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Oak System payoffs

When you know more about what’s going on in your operations at any given time, you can make faster, better-informed decisions about how and where to apply your manpower and resources in more effective ways.

An Oak System framework for sensor data management quickly shows you where to make tweaks and changes to achieve the best results with the lowest costs.

You can quickly and easily add any sensors you need to include more and better data, to provide you with even better overviews, and to enable you to plan and implement new processes, working procedures and business priorities.

Oak System displays information from the multitude of sensors and other technical systems throughout your operations, in one easy-to-understand, non-proprietary framework.

This also paves the way to effective, reliable documentation that helps your operations comply with modern requirements for ESG reporting and “green accounting.”

Oak System – in brief

  1. A cloud-based, easily scalable solution for managing and digesting your sensor data
  2. Device-independent, hardware-agnostic and supplier-agnostic – no proprietary protocols and limitations
  3. You can read your data on at-a-glance Oak System dashboards that help you make better decisions because you know more about what’s going on
  4. Your data is in easy-to-grasp formats that you can always adapt to changing needs and circumstances
  5. Your sensor data is always yours – we just help you access it easier, and understand it better
  6. Simple, budgetable subscription payments – flexible and scalable