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SINE coverage for emergency communication

In many countries, emergency services “piggyback” on conventional mobile networks with a special network reserved for them, in order to make sure they have the required bandwidth when needed.

Spotty, unreliable mobile communication can have dangerous consequences when firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement officers need to communicate and cooperate with each other in connection with an accident or fire in a building or other kind of incident site where the signal is weak – or even absent altogether.

What is SINE?

SINE (SIkkerhedsNEttet) is the joint, digital radio communication system used by the Danish emergency services. It provides an effective basis for coordination and cooperation between the different public safety organisations and emergency services in day-to-day operations as well as in emergencies, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

When firefighters, ambulance services and law enforcement personnel communicate on this special shared network, it may be necessary to amplify the signal in certain areas – such as buildings, basements and tunnels.

The best way to do that is with an effective DAS system.


The term DAS (Distributed Antenna System) refers to an indoor antenna system that creates coverage in all or parts of a building. The system is connected to the special Danish SINE system for emergency services communication, using either an independent base unit or a repeater.

KM Telecom can carry out specialist measurements to determine whether there’s any practical on-site need to establish a DAS system to ensure effective SINE communication.

SINE can both be a ‘stand alone’ solution. But it can also be connected with current DAS solutions as shown on the picture here. This will save you money and you only have to make one solution instead of two.

Passive DAS system + SINE