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The Oak System idea

People need to know exactly what’s going on if they are to make good decisions, improve profit margins and efficiency ratings, and keep our world running more-or-less smoothly.

Oak System gives you a supplier-agnostic, scalable framework for transmitting and displaying the all-important sensor data that tells you what’s happening in your organisation, your buildings and your operations.

Oak System sensor data management frameworks make it simple to deploy and connect virtually any type of sensor from any supplier, using any industry-standard protocol. We make it easy for you to structure, read and understand sensor data of almost every kind.

Better information about what’s really going on in your operations means you can make better decisions, can react faster to changing circumstances, streamline operations, cut costs and optimise asset performance.

It also makes ESG reporting significantly quicker and easier, because you have reliable, wellstructured documentation.

Data drives better decisions and builds new business opportunities – knowledge is power.