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KM Telecom Danmark A/S

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Interested? In most cases, the people you probably should talk to are

Michael Hermansen


+45 6340 4060

Markild Iversen

Global Director of Telecom Project Division

+45 4186 7844

5G network rollouts – on spec, on schedule and on cost

We install the hardware that makes your wireless networks run reliably and cost-effectively, so you and your end-user customers are satisfied.

We take the practical installation and commissioning risks and worries off your hands, so you and your teams can concentrate on your core business and prime concerns.

We also help you quickly and painlessly deal with any strategic realignments, changes in collaboration setups or any unforeseen circumstances that might occur.

The services we provide include

“We specialize in challenges – big and small”

Site acquisition

All aspects of siting identification, negotiation, placement and planning work – and how to avoid the many kinds of practical difficulties that can cause delays and cost over-runs.

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Site renovation
and upgrades

SWAP/upgrade work on existing antenna sites to make networks 5G-ready, compliant with new standards or capable of delivering new services.

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Telecom services

An A-to-Z provider of specialist services ranging from civil engineering works and everything construction-related to all the technical, financial and regulatory requirements for effective rollouts of telecom networks.

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the boss says

“KM Telecom has installed and commissioned more than 8,000 wireless antenna sites throughout Denmark, Germany and Norway.

We have the unique combination of practical experience and problem-solving expertise that make us the ideal selection for overseeing and tackling (virtually) any conceivable construction-related, technical, financial and legal issues in wireless telecom projects – large and small, ordinary and extraordinary, conventional and ground-breaking.

This includes a wide range of special installation, upgrade and service tasks at height, offshore or in other hard-to-reach places on land, at sea and in the air.

But for us at KM Telcom, the real focus is on how we do things, and how much we can improve customer benefits and end-user satisfaction.”

Take a deeper dive into
km telecom

How we
help you

Basically, we’re here to enable you to do better business.

By making sure you’re able to roll out your company’s wireless telecom networks as well as network extensions, upgrades and new capabilities as planned – on spec, on schedule and on cost.

we enable you to

Achieve faster, more effective roll-out of the wireless telecom connectivity capabilities essential for your company to fulfil its contracts, deliver the agreed QoS profiles, and make sure end-users get full benefit from the technical potential and customer experience available from any given tech

Be sure of meeting your commissioning schedules, budgets and service quality targets

Make sure equipment, installations and procedures comply with all appropriate technical standards and legislative frameworks

Deal promptly and easily with any unforeseen circumstances, deadline shifts and local changes of plans

Use the same installation teams to provide additional wireless telecom and other connectivity capabilities as and when you and your customers may need them

Your payoffs

How you benefit

We eliminate the biggest elements of uncertainty and risk in all the nitty-gritty installation and commissioning work that underpins your company’s implementation plans.

Faster, more effective roll-out of the benefits of the 5G customer experience (and 6G, when it’s ready), and the networks needed to provide this reliably, securely and cost-effectively

Installations designed and configured for forward compatibility, as well as any required degree of backwards compatibility with current tech as well as legacy telecom setups

Easier to make sure you and your teams can comply with your own in-house roll-out plans, budgets and QoS targets

Easier to make sure you’re able to comply with your customers’ in-service schedules, project budgets and network performance specs

Experienced, flexible deployment teams from a single supplier – with other specialist capabilities as needed

More reliable equipment and services after installation, reducing costs for fault-finding and maintenance

Easy integration of additional capabilities via DAS connectivity, private networks and digital infrastructure capabilities, etc. for better signal coverage and quality – indoors and out

Best possible basis for future network services and revenue, based on device distributed across the network via edge computing, IoT, remote working, etc.

In most cases, the people you probably should talk to – as a start, at least – are

Michael Hermansen


+45 6340 4060

Markild Iversen

Global Director of Telecom Project Division

+45 4186 7844