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what we help you with

We install the hardware that makes your 5G networks run reliably and cost-effectively, so you and your end-user customers are satisfied.

We take the practical installation and commissioning risks and worries off your hands, so you and your teams can concentrate on your network’s core business.

  • New sites
  • SWAP / upgrade projects
  • Transmission
  • Serviceagreements
  • Site acquisition
  • Critical infrastructure

“we deliver what you promised”

We install new 5G antenna stations of any kind, on any kind of site – even at height and in other hard-to-reach places

We install upgrades to make antennae, networks and network extensions and upgrades 5G-ready

We help you quickly and painlessly and deal with strategic realignments or any unfortunate ”supplier slaps” or collaboration changes

We provide additional, extended wireless telecom capabilities (such as in-building DAS connectivity, etc.), as added-value services

how we
help you

Basically, we’re here to help and enable you to do business better.

By making sure you’re able to roll out your company’s 5G networks and network extensions as planned – on spec, on schedule and on cost.

we enable you to

Achieve faster, more effective roll-out of the 5G networks and other connectivity capabilities needed for your company to deliver the required QoS profiles, and also make sure end-users get full satisfaction from the 5G customer experience

Meet your roll-out plans, budgets and service quality targets – and be sure this will happen

Make sure equipment, installations and procedures comply with appropriate national and international standards and legislative frameworks

Deal promptly and easily with any unforeseen circumstances, deadline shifts and local changes of plans

Use the same installation teams to provide additional wireless telecom and DAS connectivity capabilities as and when you and your customers may need them

how you

We eliminate the biggest elements of uncertainty and risk in all the nitty-gritty installation and commissioning work that underpins your company’s business model and implementation plans.

your payoffs
will include

Faster, more effective roll-out of the 5G customer experience and the 5G networks needed to provide this

Easier to make sure you and your teams are able to comply with your own in-house roll-out plans, budgets and QoS targets

Easier to make sure you can comply with your customers’ in-service schedules, project budgets and QoS requirements

More reliable equipment and services after installation, reducing your costs for fault-finding and maintenance

Easy integration of DAS connectivity for better in-building signal coverage

Best possible basis for future network services and revenue, based on devices distributed across the network via edge computing, IoT, etc.

about us

KM Telecom is a market-leader installation specialist, with exceptional project management and “big picture” planning capabilities, reflected in a solid 20-year track record of successfully delivering as promised.

Our project management capabilities are exceptional, and we’re constantly improving them via data-driven feedback and analysis. We’re also one of the few wireless telecom suppliers that can provide complete turnkey solutions.

Effective, reliable networks rely on making sure of fail-safe network resilience by identifying and circumventing “weakest links”. That’s why KM Telecom doesn’t think in terms of “bits of equipment”, individual boxes of electronics and simple spec lists.

We reckon it’s better to think in terms of whole systems and entire networks, and whether they’re able to provide the capabilities and services they were designed to deliver, and that our customers have probably promised.

Our experience and professional confidence mean we’ll push back where needed, and help where we can (even if it’s not in the project specs).

Most of the big telecom companies operating in Scandinavia and northern Europe already know us well, and appreciate the way we work – our reputation does most of our sales and marketing work.

We are certified

KM Telecom has been certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards since 2019 and 2022, respectively, and we’ve had a Dun & Bradstreet AAA credit rating since 2020.

Our installation work is always carried out in accordance with appropriate national regulatory and technical guidelines. We also take international corporate and geopolitical concerns into consideration, and work with our customers to deal with any changes that might occur in these.

“we specialise in challenges – big and small”

the boss says

“KM Telecom has built, installed and commissioned more than 8.000 mobile antenna sites in Denmark, Germany and Norway.

We have the unique combination of practical experience and problem-solving expertise that make us your ideal selection for overseeing and tackling (virtually) all conceivable construction-related, technical, financial and legal issues in wireless telecom projects – large and small, ordinary and extraordinary.

This includes a wide range of special installation and service tasks at height, offshore or in other hard-to-reach places on land, at sea and in the air.”

getting in

At KM Telecom, going from idea to reality is kept simple – and the process as short as possible. We prefer to talk to you on your terms, and we make sure you are on board all the way.

We live by our hard-won professional reputation for underplayed and under-the-radar excellence. And we are known for our ability to constantly improve and adjust how we manage the projects that our customers ask us to deliver.

We promise we won’t ever bombard you with traditional “pressure sales” or other time-wasters – we prefer an intelligent, long-term professional relationship based on mutual respect to the benefit of all parties.

KM Telecom Hotline
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All KM Telecom deployment teams have specific, pre-agreed contact and action procedures for dealing with emergencies and any other unforeseen circumstances.

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